Weather34 only location correct

Weather34 - What am I missing? Been through setup numerous times and most of the data is wrong. It shows correct location, date and time but everything else is wrong. It is clearly showing somebody’s WeatherFlow station data; just not mine. Shows battery voltage for air and sky but again no mine. Also, when I change settings I see the page change (metric to us and back again) so I know some of it works. Temperature box shows 90 but current conditions box shows 19 and the forecast high is 22? My WeatherFlow page shows current is 86.7 and forecast high is 89.


please provide a url and your weatherflow station id . brian

If you mean my url to Weather34, it is accessible only within my network as I have not yet even tried to get it working over internet. I have attached screenshots of the webpage and the settings page.

My WeatherFlow:

WeatherFlow station ID: 885

Sky ID: 7588

Air ID: 7999

I am a total newbie (toddler) when it comes to web stuff and greatly appreciate you even taking the time to look at this. My coding days ended in the age of mainframes and COBOL before anyone had ever heard of internet. If it takes much time or effort, just tell me to go back to school and figure it out.



hi its pretty hard to diagnose anything without some access ,things to check filie/folder permissions , if local server install check all the neccessary php option are enabled or installed i think above this post the previous user had to install options on his local server setup. most problems arise when local servers are in use and it is difficult to make any true solution due to no access or viewable data.

here is a screenshot with your credentials added on my test template all seems well .sorry i dont have the magic answer.brian

ct .