Weather34 - Forcast wrong?

I can’t believe that I got it working, however, what ever I try to get the forecast right it doesn’t work. I always get Istanbul. Set to Metar YSSY, got a Dark Sky Key and CheckWX key and made sure it’s there. Set location correct … I’m at my wits end…

Can anyone help me, please?

first inspection firstly your php is below the recommended your using 5.5
never been tested below 5.6 and its recommended to use php 7 or higher.

your current forecast is showing the demo text …

pm the password to the setup screen you can change at anytime

dont forget if your using meteobridge you should set up services to auto run
as described in part two here …

Hi Brian,

Thanks, I tried to PM you but I get a: Sorry, Weather34 is not accepting messages at the moment.

So I sent you an email with the password to your email, hope that’s ok.

Not sure I can do much about the version 5.5 as I’m using a free hosting service to try (for now).

I’ve set up the service to autorun as per example, but I will check again tonight.

Thanks for all your help.

Kind regards,

good morning i just replied to your email , ive switched the pm back on so i apologize for suggesting pm… free hosting looks like you have restrictions in place , i tried a few things got your uv to,display ok and station data appears and displays fine …but running the scripts direct which usually kicks forecast data update just returned blank files , all api data return blank files unfortunately.not sure i can do anything else … see if there any options provided by host …brian

if you’re on a tight budget, I can host on my server if you have some domain (there are options to get free ones like freenom). If you can spare a few bucks for a year on cpanel … send me a pm


there’s an offer you cant refuse…

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Hi All, I just wanted to say a big Thank You to Brian (Weather34). This is so far the best solution available (in my opinion) and Brian is very patient and helpful. It seems that using a free hosting service is not such a good idea, but I was lucky to have another unexpected solution… works now great.

Also a big Thank You to eric for offering me another option (which I hopefully don’t need at the moment).

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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