Weather Underground - Issues and Comments

Well I got tired of the 15-30 minute updates to WU from WF, so I bought a Ambient Weather Meteobridge and it updates every 5 seconds from the Hub UDP. Which means I may get “more” rain on the WU side than what the WF servers are calibrated to but that’s okay. I enjoy having the update so quickly.

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Which model did you buy and from where ? Have a link ?

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@vinceskahan It was this one: Ambient Weather WEATHERBRIDGE Universal WIFI IP Ethernet Server for Weather Stations

Only thing is I don’t know how to get it read through WF servers instead of using the UDP. As the server has been calibrated for more accurate rainfall(to be close to my CoCoRaHS gauge). But since it does UDP info from hub, it can say more rain fell than what actually did in the summer. Hope that made sense. I know it’s winter here so. I have been manually adding the snowfall in cm to my Meteobridge so I can keep track of the total snow in my yard on WU.

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I have seen references to this device in the past. But, I never really looked at its actual capabilities. After doing so, I must say it is a pretty cool and very slick little device. Can you share the link to your tempest’s weather underground page that is being updated by this device? Among other things, I am curious to see how (or if) it is differentiating wind speed and wind gust values. I encountered an issue with this when developing my own custom program to update weather underground from my tempest’s data. If not, I understand – and thank you very much for bringing attention to this possible solution!

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This is the current weather in my backyard. We have a full on blizzard going on with gusts up to 70 km/h. But it rained all day and temp dropped 12°C in 2 hours. So the freezing does t help the sensors but
I know the Tempest does not do well in -20 and below. It’s something they need to look at. Especially the wind.

By looking at the map and then looking on WeatherUndergrounds map the
WeatherUnderground link: Personal Weather Station Dashboard | Weather Underground

And by looking on the Tempest map the Tempest link is probably this:

Thanks for the info! It looks like the meteobridge is indeed updating weather underground every three seconds (i.e. on every udp rapid wind event). Although this behavior allows for the fastest possible weather underground rapid fire updates, it does not allow one to differentiate between “wind speed” and “wind speed gusts”. This can be most easily seen in the second graph on weather underground, where the wind gust values (orange dots) are almost always exactly at the same point as the wind speed values (blue line).

In order to see separate and distinct wind speed and wind gust values, you either need to only send the data in the observation event (that occurs once every minute), or send some number of rapid wind events together after calculating an average value (i.e. the wind speed) and obtaining the max value (i.e. the wind gust). In other words, one could send these values after receiving two (or maybe four, or maybe five, or maybe ten) rapid wind events and then send the average as well as the max values for the wind speed and the wind gust values.

Obviously, the drawback is that your rapid fire events are slower – but you do get the advantage of getting separate and distinct wind speed and wind gust values. I wonder if anything like this has been considered (or is perhaps already an option?) by the meteobridge?

I’ve been noticing that my Tempest uploads to Wunderground at 20-30 minute intervals, and when I first started uploading to my Wunderground account back in October, it was sending updates every 5 minutes, then over month, went to 10 minutes, and starting in January til now, every 20 to 30 minutes.

I’ve asked WeatherFlow support and they said it was an issue with Wunderground’s server, and that was back in early December 2021. This only affects Wunderground updates, not real-time data from within the Tempest app, which I can see down-to-the-minute observations…

So, i’m not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but would like to find more answers!

Welcome @weathermansam , I moved your question to this topic where it has been discussed. There are more topics and discussions which you may find using the magnifying glass search feature.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

I have stopped having WeatherFlow posting my data to Weather Underground. Why you may ask? Well when I setup WeeWx and started to build a database of my stations observations locally I wanted to import my historical data and WeeWx has a easy way from Weather Underground. My first 6 months of data was pretty complete with observations every 5 minutes, Then sometime in 2021 there were large gaps in the observations sometimes it was 15 minutes other times it was multiple hours.

So as of January 1st I switched to use WeeWx to post to Weather Underground instead of WeatherFlow and I haven’t see any gaps in data. Every 5 minutes I am seeing my observations on their site.

So why can all these other services post updates every few seconds to WU without issue and Weather Flow is having a hard time getting an update through every 20 minutes?

I’m actually looking at setting up WeeWx soon because of this problem…but it’s hard to find a Raspberry Pi right now because of the chip shortage but hopefully by next month!

Is it easy to get your Tempest system hooked up with WeeWx?

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I’m guessing WeatherFlow doesn’t want all of their data being sent to the WU servers and just keep them internally where you can see the map of the other Tempest users within the web browser and app version…I have an AcuRite setup at my other house, and I get rapid fire updates usually every 30s-1min, but historically logs it every 5 minutes…and this is all within the AcuRite app, not using a third-party like WeeWx

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If true… that kinda sucks.

I don’t “buy” that it is a Wunderground server issue. I have an Ambient station that is updating on Wunderground every 10 seconds or so.

I did the WeeWx in phases. I went slow and deliberate since I wanted the database and observations to be accurate for my needs. You can be up and running in a day but I like to explore capabilities. After that list of items was done I decided to get really customized on the web portal and used the Belchertown skin vs. WeeWx’s Season’s skin and that added another couple of days.

Here is my weather site:

  • Setup the software with their station emulator to lean how the software works
  • Installing the WeatherFlow driver for UDP and mapping of observations (I added lux, battery, and signal)
  • Testing the default web skin for reporting
  • Purging all testing data
  • Go live (soak in period)
  • Integrating with WU, PWS, and
  • Importing old data from WU

Just my two cents, it’s not Weather Underground. I’ve been posting data to WU for years using an AcuRite Atlas. Rapid Fire updates happen every 30s or so. This is because AcuRite uses the AcuRite Access (hub) and allows it to post data directly to WU and MyAcuRite at the same time. Data doesn’t flow through the AcuRite servers – hosted by Amazon.

I attempted to connect my Tempest to WU today. It is not reliable and took over 20 minutes to send updates. In the past, I’ve attempted to connect Tempest to WU with the same results.

The best approach would be to pull data directly from the Tempest or from the WeatherFlow API and post it directly to WU. Don’t rely on WeatherFlow to post data to WU.

Here’s my WU pws so you can see how rapidly updates occur:

When it comes to rain, Tempest measures about double what my Atlas and a manual rain gauge measure. Only recently with more frequent Near Cast rain corrections, have the totals been similar between Tempest and Atlas. Viewing the raw data from the WeaterFlow API shows the Tempest is still measuring rain incorrectly.

Otherwise, I do like the Tempest. In comparison with my Atlas, the two devices are nearly identical except for the rain. I have about 7 months of data to confirm this point.

When it comes to posting data to WU, I want to post reliable, accurate weather conditions. Otherwise, why bother?

I have a similar setup to you too, I just installed an AcuRite Iris a few weeks ago and am very happy with the rapid updates to WU…I also have a temp sensor at ground level (4-5’) to compare it to the main unit’s sensor, which is mounted higher up at around 20 feet above the ground.

Going back to Tempest, it’s a incredible weather station, best and most accurate on the market in my mind, but does lack with uploading to external servers like WU, PWS Network & CWOP…but at least they give you the API and developing resources to “play” around with the data ingest & output…very flexible compared to Ambient and AcuRite systems.

When it comes to rain though, I can’t trust the Tempest because it uses a haptic rain gauge measuring rain’s intensity rather than it’s volume…but with the new NearCast technology, that data seems to be improving drastically…

That doesn’t seem too complicated, and getting to know Python is very easy and mostly straight forward, and there is a TON of documentation for WeeWx and scripts that you can copy and paste, for the most part…I do like your use with high charts for graphing the temp, wind, pressure, rain, etc…do you have to pay for using high charts?

Nope not paying anything for the integrated services. I give back to PWS and Windy since I am using their API’s and services.