Weather Underground - Issues and Comments

There is no link on my app or on the webpage for the Weather Underground settings

I don’t know what is happening for you but it still shows on my station, as seen above and on my other station here. This is the web interface.

Maybe I’m going crazy, but I recall a discussion here a few months ago about some areas of the world (Australia for one?) now being geo-excluded from WU uploading. I also remember some specific WU app setting having changed for new stations created after a certain date…

Funny that! I just checked mine and it ( Public Data ) had been toggled off.
Edit; probably because I’ve been messing unsuccessfully with weewx

There’s zero chance that anything you do with weewx can affect your station’s settings on the WF side. Zero.

If you’re unsuccessful somehow with weewx, start a new thread on the weewx-user google group.

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I cant even find the link on the webpage these days to link the data to the WU site as it appears to have gone missing

It still shows on my station.

Tried multiple browsers and still cant see it

It’s really weird unless there is some setting in tempest that brings up the link as it doesn’t matter what browser or computer I use it doesn’t appear

Maybe Australia is excluded from WU for some reason.

Does it have anything to do with the fact that your station has been offline for quite some time?

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I have two stations and one is online and it doesnt have the link on the webpage

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cheers Ian :slight_smile:

That maybe the case that stations in Australia cant post data to WU as the link is certainly not there. Is anyone else in Australia able to send their data to WU

My station (old sky and air) is still uploading to Weather Underground and I am in Australia.

My station in Australia is not a Tempest, it is a Sky and an Air and does not update very well sometimes 15 min between updates but roughly works. I decided not to rely on weather underground because it is not accurate or up to date.
Using the weatherflow web page or my own data from the API is much better.

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies, unfortunatly for me I am trying to put up the data on a display using a site called Dakboard which needs the data feed through WU so I might have to do some more work to try and find a way around it

There are several options. First contact Weatherflow support and ask them if they can do anything. Second look at alternate programs that can load your data to Weather Underground. There are several options to do that such as weewx.
I dont know how Dakboard works but I solved my issues by creating python programs that call the Weatherflow API to get my data and turn it into what I want.
If Dakboard can display an iframe then that might be another option by displaying your Tempest web page in an iframe.
Good luck cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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Just had a look at that Dakboard, it can read json directly, not sure how but since WeatherFlow has its api in json … this might be a direct way. Just need to see how it works under the hood to be sure. You can get a free account seems to fool with on a regular computer and options.

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