Weather Station WordPress Plugin

Weather Station WordPress Plugin follow the link , the link is included in the post

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Got it! Thanks…Lots to learn!


This plugin is not supported in this forum. The official website is here and it features a community support section.
And, on top of that, I can assure you this plugin is maintained with regular updates :innocent:

If you’re an absolute beginner - which I am far from certain :wink: - WordPress is a bit tricky: you must install it on a webserver… But if you know how to do this, it’s like a breeze.

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Wordpress is known as the 5 minute setup and a lifetime learning :joy: No just take some time to read the basics and once you have the concepts it is easy to maintain and to bend it all ways you want it. Just see to it you keep it up to date as it is one of the most used scripts and thus very often looked for by hackers. But you keep it up to date and it’s safe. You can use it to make a static site with fixed pages, or a real blog or a mix of the 2 … all is possible and you have so many plugins … not sure there is something you can’t do with it …
Just find yourself a nice host to install the script and you’re up and going in no time. And over time you can add things, tweak it, change the layout … all without loosing what you did already. That’s the best part of Wordpress. You never loose what you did before, you can change layouts and still keep all the posts, pages …
Have fun with Pierre’s script. It is up to date and well made. And if you have questions or suggestions, he will help you on his site.


If there was one piece of software to name that I would ‘never’ use on a public facing website, it’s Word Press. It takes a LOT of care+feeding to keep up with the MANY security issues that continually come up. It’s nice software for the authors, but sheer pain for admins.

Definitely watch your syslogs. You’ll see thousands of break-in attempts looking for WP vulnerabilities.


I have my own web server and host many Wordpress sites, yep many attempts but none get far. It is also to the sys admin to secure the server and not just script level.
And updating WP is as easy as pushing a button in the admin section. Compared to other scripts where you need to ftp etc to upload, then see to it you don’t kill your config etc … WP is easy.
And use wordfence plugin for ex as extra security … you know each day if you need to go in and push the button … I spend about 10 mins a week to keep about 15 sites up to date … can’t say the same for the other things on the server that takes hours …

But this isn’t the topic for such discussion. We all can make our decisions based on experience and readings :wink:


yes - totally agree. Very easy to delegate content authoring and formatting out to users. Just a very highly used attack target that historically has had a lot of holes to attack. A lot.

If you can get a host that supports cloudflare I have found in most cases that to be an extra benefit, not only for content delivery but for enabling regional blocking, its not any kind of super stealth military grade stuff but has worked really well for me and is in most cases just a Cpanel plugin. In conjunction with “railgun” certainly speeds up most loading times. An extra bonus to look out for is a host that uses LiteSpeed servers as opposed to standard Apache, more secure and definitely faster.

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Is this project dead, I notice that it has not been updated since 2019.

Hello, Where the historical data Is stored in our websites?