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Hello @caredlands!

Did you follow the tutorials I told you?


Unfortunately, not for the moment. I plan to redesign the WS website and I will include some “full station” example. But I will do it this summer I think…


have a beer or roll a bob marley cigarette your get there in the end …:grin:


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Just roll up a big phatty eh?!? :rofl::heart_eyes:


Good stuff
I have a Wordpress website and will be displaying my weather on it.
(When I get my hardware)
Charlie, Galway, Ireland


You’re welcome :wink:

Don’t hesitate if you have any question…




Hello @dan!

Thanks for your kind words.

You can insert every photo you want in WordPress, so yes, you can redirect photo (and webcam if you have one) directly in the site you will build with WordPress. You can even use your photos (i.e. live photo of the sky) directly in some of the plugin widgets (as background).

For blue hours and golden hours, that’s not the case for now. But Weather Station plugin features are driven by the community feedback. So, I encourage you to make this (really good) suggestion here:


white print on yellow backgrounds ?
really ?
totally unusable site for my old eyes


You’re absolutely right, @vinceskahan, my website sucks regarding many points:

  • accessibility (and ugly choice of colors is only one of the aspect)
  • updates (it is a true pain in the ass to maintain a multilingual site, with manually translated articles: too much time spent on this)
  • speed (too much pictures of landscapes :wink: - although I love landscapes)

That’s why, as mentioned above, this website will be redesigned this summer.

I take your point about colors… Thanks.


Heureusement que tu es la pour relever le niveau car la mise en page web ou mobile est tellement horrible que je ne l’utilise pas !!! Grace a toi Pierre il y a au moins quelques chose de positif j’ai creer un wordpress sr un de mes synology juste pour cette station et ton magnifique et gratuit ( totalement et sans pub) plug in weatherflow aurais du d’embaucher pour créer leur template cela aurait été de l’argent bien placer , Je ne te remercierais jamais assez pour tous ce travail que tu as effectuer , ainsi que ta présence et soutien et aide un bravo est si peu , des sincères félicitations s’impose
encore mille merci a toi Pierre


Thanks @meteo.thenioux :wink:


Hello all!

As announced previously, and with a little advance on the planned schedule, the Weather Station website has been redesigned from scratch. More readable, more lightweight, more accessible and totally responsive, even for the forum… It is now also GDPR compliant and more concerned about your privacy (no more social sharing buttons, videos disabled by default, etc.).

Next step is to design a full page sample for a specific station. But for now, I will take some weeks to make a nap :wink:

Weather34 WF API version Discontinued

Helo @Pierre

I installed your plugin on a site but I have some question

I use the ‘résumé météo extérieur’ widget but I’m not so sure the high wind value is correct. But as I have no clue what high value you coded … is it max day or max last x time ??? or extracted via the api directly ?? If I look at temp values, the high and low seem to be those recorded since I launched the plugin, so low is let’s say about 9° to high but I’ll have a look at it tomorrow and see if my idea is correct. But still the high wind value seems low to me, it is like 3 km/h when I have some little gusts near 10 …


Hello @eric!
Glad you give my plugin a try :wink:

I’m assuming you’re collecting a WF station (the answer should be different for other type of stations). The max wind displayed by this widget (Outdoor Weather Summary) is the max wind (not gust) collected by the plugin from the time it starts (or for the current local day if it has been started for more than 24 hours). It is based on the wind_avg fields of the API which is the “current wind” not a gusts record. So, this widget will give you the max “sustained wind”.

The widgets are “mainstream” way to simply display some collected values (for more precise details, you have to use other controls like textual data, charts, etc.), nevertheless, I understand your need to have a better control on what is displayed in this widget for the max wind value. I can suggest you to submit your idea in the Weather Station Community, I’m currently designing Weather Station 3.8 (will be released spring 2019) and I can add your suggestion if it makes sense (and it do, from my point of view)…

Hope it helps a bit :slight_smile:


thanks for the quick heads up. Mostly it is lack of understanding. And yes it is a WF station used to get the data

Still in early stages of learning your plugin. Many options (for some way to much).
I’ll let it run for another day so there is historical data to play with.

Will do some suggestions soon :wink: