Weather Station Map

Though I understand Tempest Weather Map to show all stations, but there should be options to hide sensors in the network and show a Color Weather Radar and other interactive parameters. Just my 2 cents worth.

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Can’t agree more with those request!

How much per month are you willing to pay for a radar screen in the app? I’m pretty sure that WeatherFlow-Tempest would need to pay for a license to offer radar data, and that cost would need to be passed onto the end users.

In addition, there is no real “global” source of weather radar. AFAIK, WF still doesn’t even have a data source for raincheck corrections outside of the USA and a few neighboring border areas, never mind a radar source for Bulgaria or Sri Lanka. The folks in Europe hate us “dumb Americans” enough without giving them another reason by implementing another feature that doesn’t work for them…

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Well for starters i would certainly like to see dark mode added to the IOS app and also in maps. If radar can’t be added how about current winds, or even live temperatures overlaid? The possibility off hovering over a station icon and clicking and getting a small pop up with current conditions for that particular station. Also the option to create a favorites list of particular stations you like like to see often.

Just some suggestions

Some of the things you mention will be possible, others not in some areas of the world. In Europe we have GDPR regulations that are extremely strict regarding privacy and not a single company will ever try to fool with it as it can cost loads of money. GAFAM’s recently got nice tickets from European regulators :slight_smile:

The app will evolve over time for sure and get new tweaks layout wise. For a radar map, as said Vreihen, this is paid data and most other apps offer this as a premium and not for free (or spam the app with ads, something has to pay the bill)


I have been using an Ambient Weather WS-2902 since December 2017 and the unit has pretty much seen its better days. I love the design and idea behind the Tempest, but there are some things that are missing that I had with the Ambient Weather station that I really liked. I would like to be given the choice to see something on the map other than the Tempest symbol/icon. Maybe have the option to show station temperatures or windspeed with direction arrow. I mean you have to click the Tempest icon to view the station details. I like the ability to pan the map and see station temperatures in my surrounding area or likewise with the windspeed and direction. Just my opinion, but these would really enhance the map and be an added bonus for weather enthusiasts.