Weather flow sky unit keeps going offline and then back online after several minutes to several hours

The Sky unit is cycling offline and then, after a period of several minutes or longer, returning online. This seems to mostly or totally happen during daylight hours
The Air unit is showing no disruption in service only the Sky unit.

The most recent RSSI for the Sky unit was -54 and the Air was -68. Both units are mounted very close together.

I’m concerned about the voltage level but there is no obvious relationship between voltage variations and going offline.

The Sky voltage is varying between about 3.4 and about 2.8, spending most of the time right around 3.2. It used to run higher on average. Lower voltage does not produce the offline status, or at least not consistently.

The Sky has the solar charger unit which has been working well. The Air has batteries, of course.

I don’t know how to create graphs of anything, so requests for those is beyond my ability.

Hi Carl,
I may have had a similar issue with a Sky and I do not know how to fix it and can only suggest asking support. In my case I tried replacing the solar panel with batteries but it did not fix it.
I could capture these graphs from your web link:

Good luck cheers Ian :slight_smile: