We can charge Tempest via USB without opening the unit

You can charge your Tempest with a Smartwatch charger. My unit was falling off network and eventually did come back. Unfortunately My voltage was too low for any real troubleshooting. Staring at the pins I decided to try something out and got lucky. A $7, 4-pin smartwatch charger fits perfectly and the +/- pins are in the correct locations (cables may vary). The cable is intended to be magnetic but I taped it down and ran it off an $9 cell phone power bank giving 5v. Within 5 minutes I got a notification that my station was back online. This buys me time to decide if I want to make this a permanent setup or get the official Tempest power booster. I hope it helps someone else.


so far so good 2.77v

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What charger did you buy?

I used an old solar power bank I had laying around that is not available anymore

and this cable

but any power bank should do the job. I am waiting to see if the power booster goes on sale this week. However my current solution is already waterproof and adds additional Solar charging which the official booster does not.


Cool find !!!

That looks like some of the Fitbit cables I’ve seen. I guess anything is possible given knowing which pins to connect as long as you don’t release the magic smoke…

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