Watch out for rogue bluetooth connection

I am posting this for general information. My Weatherflow hub went offline and I had a great deal of difficulty trying to get it back online. I reset it multiple times and unplugged it and plugged it back in multiple times. The device LED on the back would go from red to green to solid blue. Solid blue means it is connected to a device by bluetooth, but I could not connect to it with the smartphone app. Finally, it occurred to me that another device in close proximity was connecting to the hub. I move the hub briefly to my garage and I was able to connect to it by bluetooth with my smartphone. When I brought it back inside the house, the LED was solid blue, even though I was now not connected via my smartphone. Long story, short: my laptop was connecting to the hub via its bluetooth, even though the information on the laptop was not showing that it even detected the hub. When I turned off bluetooth on my laptop, I was now able to access the hub with the smartphone app and get it back on line. This only took an hour or so to figure out. :frowning:


Thanks for the report, Elliot. It sounds like something on your laptop is making a connection to the Hub. That is definitely not normal, but because of the way Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) works, it’s certainly possible. Are you aware of any applications on your laptop that would be interacting with BLE devices?