Was there a recent update to improve battery charging?

If so, THANK YOU and it works great. I dropped below 2.8v on December 13th, and didn’t see 2.8v again until Jan 16. Between the two dates there were some gradual discharging and gradual charging throughout the sunny days, but nothing significant enough to get a full charge. Then, starting on Jan 14, there were noticeable spikes in daily charging despite there not being any days with any significant more sun prior to that.

Nothing changed at all. In your case just look over your solar radiation numbers.
Your Tempest started to see some decent sun again the last days and charged up, nothing very special.
Below 250W/m^2(on average) the energy is directly used to run but not much can be used to charge the battery.
And this was the case since a few weeks (winter → low or no sun)

Well, then, thank you for the constant reminder that I live in a dreary and desolate nook on this vast planet. :sweat_smile:


Is there a way to measure battery voltage from the app?

To display battery voltage; settings>stations>your station name>advanced. Select Show battery card. It will show in card view.

That’s great to know, thanks!

My temp sensor stopped on Jan 31st… I restarted the Tempest and charging has been better since.

Just adding this.