Voltage display dashes

Hello. Have been getting intermittent dashes in the main display in iOS app. Also shows as missing dots in the graph. Fresh batteries and good range, so not sure how to problem-solve at this point. Has happened here and there, and twice today. Good wifi strength etc. image

Thanks for the bug report. We’re investigating.

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Thank you from Canada. :slight_smile:

Yet more info on the display problems. I checked Air and Sky graphs, and they both show gaps in measures. Air seems to be show a brief gap at 8 pm nightly, and Sky was randomly measuring this morning with lots of gaps. All other measures - temp, rain etc - show no gaps, so it seems to be only the battery measures that are showing up faulty.

Hey @cotedan,

Thanks for the bug report and the additional information about the SKY battery graph. There was an issue on the SKY battery graph on the web (mobile app graphs worked fine). I pushed an update to the web and your SKY battery graph should no longer have the intermittent gaps like before.

We are still looking into the issue with the AIR and the dashes and will report back as soon as we know more.


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Thanks much. Looks great now !

FYI I still have a glitch at 8 pm for the past few nights where it doesn’t register any values for anything in SKY and AIR between 8 and 8:15 pm. Not sure what’s going on but will do some detective work to see if its the network here. My Nest cams recorded history would show any glitches in the network so I’ll check. Seems strange it’s at exactly the same time for the past few nights.

At least the first graphing problem is resolved now. Thank you !


Sudbury, Canada

Wow you folks are fast at digging into glitches. Thanks !

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@corrineb - Sudbury is EDT time zone, so this may be a midnight UTC issue…


Thanks @vreihen! That is a good clue!

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I must give high credit to WF staff for staying in here despite our huge range of comments, issues etc.

A positive hats off to all WF for your patience. A new product it is, and I’m glad we’re able to contribute reports to you so that you improve the product with each iteration!


I have new information that might be useful in problem-solving. The graph for all measures of Sky and Air definitely shows minute by minute detail in the most zoomed-in level for the graph (all measures) but if I back out one level by pressing the - key, it does not show anything between 8 pm and 8:15 pm. This is imageimagethe same for each each day at the same time.

I can reproduce this Easily. So… it isn’t a problem of measurement, but of the graph display. Attached are two photos.

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It seems to be an issue in the server applications that create the data for the scaled data tables. This has been discussed in another post but I can’t locate it at this time.

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yes makes a lot of sense. I looked at several other WeatherFlow stations online and they show the same thing - on the 2nd zoom level, 8:00-8:15pm dots disappear entirely for all WF stations, for all data. If you zoom in, the dots reappear. Zoom out once, they disappear again.

At least we now know it’s not a defect in the WF stations themselves.

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Thanks for the additional information @cotedan! I will pass this information along to our API developer. This is indeed an issue with the data processing we do for the different graph zoom levels.

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As @GaryFunk mentioned . . . this has been discussed in some other posts. The problem is only with the 5-minute resolution graphs. And it happens to all stations that I have looked at - every day at UTC 0000 (so your graph will show the gap in the 5-minute data at your local UTC offset time). The 1-minute data is all there (at least as far as I have seen).


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more things for the IT peeps to work on. Job security :slight_smile:

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I just watched the entire WeatherFlow world hiccup for 15 mins again tonight on the 5 min graphs :). Gotta love quirks that happen at midnight UDT. Gives them a witching hour flavour.


Tonight yet another instance of AIR showing dashes for voltage yet everything was working fine.

I think it’s an app issue - when I toggled the display, the dashes disappeared and the correct voltage was showing.

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Thanks for reporting @cotedan Could be that the voltage data only reports each minute and you are viewing prior to the update. Next time you see this, wait 1-5min to see if it updates with the 1min intervals where the HUB reports to the cloud. Also, when you notice on the mobile app, check your station’s webpage to see if the same is true online – giving reason to believe it’s the app as opposed to the data or API.

PS - include details like iOS or Android, OS version, app version, time stamps, screenshots, etc all of which help us research.

Will do. Excellent problem-solving steps to follow.


Sudbury, Canada