Visual Display of Brightness (Lux)


On full moonlit nights I have recorded 5 Lux, if thats any help.


5 Lux at full moon?? :thinking::star_struck:


Clear night, full moon overhead, no other illumination sources, Sky was reading 5 lux. Facts as indicated, subjective interpretation is yours…


I would like to know what you get with a New Moon.


That may be difficult, in a valley here, hills to the East and West. Actually as most seem to indicate, Lux readings aren’t useful to most, If I for some reason wanted to know low lux values, a known calibrated Lux meter can be obtained. as an FYI anybody with a V2 Sky here in the US with a clear sky tonite, can check its reading as the moon is full tonight. Rain here tonite, data will follow…


It was a clear sky last night and lux reported zero. So I the Sky I have reported correctly.


In the overall scheme of things 0 or 5 is rather an academic excercise. I’m returning to the precip data priority and then to pondering wether the universe will end in “the Big Crunch” or “the big rip”.


Exactly. 5 Lux is well within the uncertainty of the sensor. We may need to add a “noise floor” if this becomes a common issue.


Out of just plain scientific curiosity I’ll keep watch during the next full moon. I suppose a coin flip for “signal” or “noise”, but if on a clear moonless nite, if it reads 0 lux, and on a moonlit nite shows 5 lux again, its a “signal” I’ll add it to my compilation of trivia…:smile:


I’ve just installed my Sky and I notice the the weatherflow app is not showing the unit of brightness ie lux. Anyone else have this issue?


RESOLVED ~ On my Android phone, the screen resolution is such that the word lux is not displayed. However on a iPhone 7 screen this not an issue.

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