Vertical axis not very well scaled

Vertical scale goes from 0, 1, 2, 2, 3 units. That’s just not how a graph should look like. Probably some rounding going on here, but I think if you are rounding the numbers on the axis, you should have moved the horizontal lines that go with them as well. So when you want to draw a horizontal line at 2.4, but round the number to 2,you should draw that line at 2 and draw that number on the moved location

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I have examined the graph and it looks fine. I don’t understand your complaint.

Look at the numbers on the vertical axis. The 2 shows up twice. Does the scale go to just above 3 degrees or is it really 4 degrees or is there some nonlinear scale thing going on?


Ah, yes. I just now noticed that. Click on dots and see what temperature is shown at the top of the graph. That is indeed a bug.


I have added this bug to our list! Thanks for pointing this out.

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