UV Sensor only working between 8am and 8pm

So, my issue is with the UV sensor on my new Tempest, It appears to only function between 8pm and 8am. I am very confused by this. I had to reset my Tempest already once and am frustrated by the idea of having to climb on and off the roof to do it. I actually set a second mounting spot closer to the ground incase I need to. Hopefully someone out there can tell me what is going on. Station id is 21291. and I can not see the UV info on web browser or on App.

This looks like a sensor issue to me. Your battery voltage seems fine, and all other sensors appear to be working. @eric might be able to have a look at your station’s status in more detail, otherwise I would open a support ticket so they can take a look.


The light sensor now says Failed.

I see that and now I am getting nothing good at all. I will add this info to my support ticket. I have already reset the unit 2 times and it keeps failing.

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Link this thread in the support ticket.

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I am now wondering if you are right and there is something to the voltage being too high, around 8pm last night the unit came back on it’s own and started recording again. We have had sunny bright days for the last week and maybe it’s too much for the solar/battery system to take. I don’t know. It’s annoying that’s for sure and I know it is not an App or Web portal issue.

I wonder what would happen if you covered the solar panels. The Tempest can run on just batteries for a few days so it might be worth a test.

FWIW, Chris is referring to my comment on FB where I poated:

Chris Cox I just saw your post. I don’t have a released version of the Tempest yet but my newest Field Test unit drops to about 2.45V before charging up to about 2.55V. IIRC, they did say during testing that the max voltage was going to be 2.75 or maybe they might go to 2.80V.