UV Sensor failure

So I looked at my data this morning and saw the UV sensor has quit responding. The last couple of weeks of data appear to show that it was sporadically not reporting (UV only). I looked at the sensor status and it showed the UV sensor has failed. I opened a ticket and am awaiting a response. My system has been up for over a year. Am I looking at a replacement sensor or having to replace the entire Sky unit?

Here’s my station ID if anyone cares to look.

The sensor could be failing or it could be an anomaly. A remote reset by WF support should take care of it. If it keeps failing it will most likely need replacing.

If it needs replacing it will be the entire SKY unit. You just use the Replace Device option to keep the historical data in tact.

Thanks! A reset fixed the issue until this morning when it failed again. I sent a new ticket,

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