UV Index graph scale (resolved)


The scale on the graph showing the UV index isn’t set up correctly as a result I can’t see any variations in UV over time. Screenshot below

Edit: I see now I can click the “+” in the top right to fix this but it would be nice if the “zoomed-in” view was the default.

That is really weird.

@dsj Take a look at station 5024. This is not correct.

It shows an UV of -2147483591.0

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Since your station is new, one thing you can do is go into the application and delete all your data. This will clear out that error and you will start normal.

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Just wanted to follow up on this. As you may have figured out by now, the crazy UV values were due to an old version of the firmware (v17) not being compatible with the latest SKY hardware. Once your station’s firmware was upgraded, this issue should have resolved itself.


Oh, duh… it has been so long I had forgotten about that issue.

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