UV Graph readings

While checking my UV readings today it looked like the UV reading peaked at 1.5 when you zoom out all the way to daily readings.


But when you zoom in to a more detailed view, the UV Graph peaks much higher.


I know the readings where over UV 2, wich a still a little to high for this time a year.

Maybe someone else noticed it? Couldn’t find a topic.

The answer is here:

and here:

In a nutshell, when you zoom out on the graphs the display is not averaging the UV data, it is simply displaying the closest instantaneous observed value.

Of course the question is whether this is the best approach… Personally I think averaging over the different data buckets would be better as it gives you a much better impression of how the weather variables have changed throughout the day.


The graphs you show seem from an Android driver phone. Bit hard to tell what period you compare from the screenshots.

Remember that the different levels of zoom are differently calculated and averaged. You can have slight differences.

Again I can’t see exactly what period you compare in the 2 graphs

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Sorry Eric… Forgot to tell that the zoom was today. 24 October.
And indeed it’s an Android based telephone.

Thank you verry much @peter

Now everything’s clear.
Nice! So todays UV reading matches with what’s normal for this time of year.

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Gonna search a little bit better next time. :hugs: