UV, Brightness, and Solar Radiation Concerning height?

Longtime observer first time poster, so forgive if this been asked and answer.

Now to my question, is there any effect to these UV, Brightness, and Solar Radiation with height exceptionally during sunrise and sun setting? my mounting pole is right now at 22.5 feet give or take a few inches.

Not that I know of. What is it that you see?

Thank for your reply, I just replace my older pole with a taller and steadier pole, to prevent false rain reading (i hope) and get some more height for better wind reading. so I don’t have enough data and so I was just interested if going higher might have any bearing on those UV, Solar Radiation reading.

again thanks.

no, brightness/uv don’t depend on the height of your pole. What you might see on partly cloudy days is values that are 25% higher then expected for totally clear days, because of the extra light reflected from the clouds.

A few extra feet extra on a pole will not make measurable difference in the UV, Brightness or Solar readings.

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So long as it had a clear view of the horizon at both locations. Shadows from trees or buildings at sunrise and sunset will create a difference.
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The sensors in the Tempest are not scientific devices. You you can raise it 100 yards and it won’t matter.