Uploading to PWSweather.com

Hello everyone,

I recently saw that a WeatherFlow user was able to upload data to PWSWeather.com.

I personally love the design of the PWSWeather.com page.

Are there any helpful instructions on how to accomplish this? I searched the forums but couldn’t quite get to it.

Thanks in advance!

You want to use WeeWX to send your weather data to PWSWeather. I am currently running this on a Gigabyte Brix running Debian Linux, but just about anything that can run Python should work.

Meteobridge is a solution unless your WF is a Tempest. I don’t believe the software has been updated to handle the Tempest data format.

The most recent version has been updated. It still sees the Tempest as an AIR and SKY with the same serial number.

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Check the 3rd-party integrations.

WF is not setup currently to auto-upload to PWS, however there are some 3rd party setups that will do it.

I currently have a WxConsole that allows uploads to WU, CWOP and PWS.

Indeed, and I don’t think Boris will change that in the short run. But the Tempest sensors are identified and spread over air and sky routines and can be used. He re uses the old code and just added some recognition to spread the sensors.

Maybe if enough people ask him to optimise it on his forum

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I’m using this app on my wife’s MacBook. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/underthewx/id1078013186?ls=1&mt=12

Works well and works when Mac is sleeping.

Thanks! Sorry for the newbie questions.

Would any of the below work? Which one should I consider getting?