United states army tempest testing facility

While I was waiting for my latest wind tunnel experiment results i was googling tempest and what I found was that according to wikipedia The United States Army also has a Tempest testing facility, as part of the U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command, at Fort Huachuca
Of course this is a totally out of context quotation, just for fun. But once you found the other references to tempest there are more precious quotes like “the equipment is nothing of major technical wonderment, just a few sipmle block circuits put together, so that they work together to do the final requested product”. Which clearly must be about a different tempest ;-).
Dutch people like to joke so “Tempest is also sometimes referred to an ‘Van Eck Phreaking’ after the Dutch scientist Wim van Eck.”
I’m sure you can find more :slight_smile:

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