Unable to get the WU bar on new station

good morning

I received a complete new set and activated it a few days back. I added the new set (station 3531) to WU as a new pws.
I unlinked the account 2230 from WU and set it private. The weather bar is still there.
I can’t get the weather info to display on station 3531 though it is still showing on 2230

what is the correct way to get it to swap to the other screen ?? Have been looking in the iOS app :roll_eyes:

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Hi Eric. The missing “forecast card” is a known issue that we’re still working on. We’ve fixed it for you so your Note, that issue is unrelated to linking your station to a WU PWS. All stations normally have a forecast card regardless of whether they’ve chosen to link with the WU PWS system or not.

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it is showing now indeed :+1:



But I have to reopen this thread…
I installed my 2 stations. First the first one hade the forecast. The second one on a different account had no.
Then I pulled the first one to the second account (later plans for different youser groups) … now both don’t have any forecast card…
Any ideas or is manual fix needed?

Did you accidentally turn off the card in the application?

If it isn’t that, leave both you Station IDs here so David can fix it

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Thanks for quick reply, gary
I could not find where to turn those on / off …
Could younger me a hint ?

Press the Gear in the top left corner.
Press Stations.
Press the Station Name.
Press Advanced.
Press Show Forecast Card.

If it reads Hide Forecast Card, press it and exit, then go back and press it again and see if the card shows.


I see advanced…
It was switched of.
Now switched on and it apeared for the second station (actually ID 5014) as well as the voltage readings.
For the first one (actually ID 5012) there is still non displayed, as well as the buttons show “hide”…

Now, after switching to browser and back to SWSapp the first ones buttons show “show…”
switched on and it is shown, now for both stations.

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And again I have to reopen this thread / topic as I think a new one isn’ t necessary.

The forecast bar has wanished some days ago only from the android app.
Anybody else with this observation ?

First the bar was empty, meaning totally blue:

Then I tried to deactivate and reactivate but the switch is alway reset to “Show Forecast Card” as soon as I left the Advanced menue und renter it.
Resulting the bar / card is gone even the blue bar wich has been there within the last days…

On Website and iOS-App everything is normal as it should be. Card is shown.
I have restarted App and mobile no difference.

Any ideas @WFmarketing, @corrineb ?

PS. Situation was the same for both of my stations I only went to the settings for the first one …

There should be an error message if the forecast card failed to load for some reason, not a blank row. I will look into this.


I think you are one of the last still using the forecast in the applications. I turned it off months ago. :slight_smile:

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I’m a full feature tester :smile:


I am too. But I quit testing what can’t be fixed.

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I just updated the Android app to 2.18(50)
Issue stays unchanged.
As well I’m unable to add the card of WU to the first station.
iOS Apps and web are fine.

Hi there! We appreciate the report, this specific build does not address the WU problem but we are working on that!

In the meantime you could try the following:

  1. Disable the WU card through the iOS app.
  2. Completely close the Android app (swipe it away from the app list).
  3. Open the Android app again to sync the user data.
  4. Enable the WU card again in iOS.
  5. Completely close the Android app again.
  6. Open the Android app.

Let me know if that helps!

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Hi @jstavrinaky

I dust tried the mentioned procedure (twice) and still for ID 5088 on android there is no WU card.

When I try to add the card via the android App and press the “Save” Button, I get the turning wheel which stays for at least a minute …
And the card is still not appearing.

Sorry no good news for the weekend.

Nevertheless have a nice weekend.