UDP communications failure

I have a PC based app (Win10) to monitor the Tempest using UDP communications on port 50222. It had been working fine; I took several weeks off, now it no longer works. Specifically, I get nothing from port 50222 - it just times out - continuously. I’m aware UDP is a lossy protocol, but this is completely dead. The Tempest still communicates just fine with the Weatherflow app, and, I can get data using the REST interface, so it would seem this is something local. Perhaps some setting has changed on the wireless router that blocks or disables the port?? I’m afraid I’m not great on that level of networking details, so I’m open to ideas and suggestions. (Yes, I’ve rebooted both the Tempest hub and the router.)

there is a nice program on android called “TCP/UDP test”. you might give it a try in order to find out what is going on.

Did you add an inbound rule to open port 50222/UDP on the Windows 10 Defender Firewall?


WireShark is useful for UDP traffic also.
I have WireShark on a Win10 PC and can confirm it will pick up UDP traffic.

What do you mean by “it tines out?”

I’ve had this too. Sometimes Windows decides to reset or ignore the firewall rules, especially after a system update.

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Kudos to mircolino, you nailed it. I’m actually using Avast, but same deal, once I set up an input exception for port 50222 everything worked just fine again. THANKS!

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