UDP API - Not seeing evt_strike packets in quite a while, anyone else still capturing them?

I’m working on developing a specialized controller and would like to use the UDP broadcasted Lightning Strike Event [type = evt_strike] information to fire a workflow. My initial sample code captured some evt_strike events initially, but I haven’t seen any in weeks. To prove my sanity, I had Wireshark running during multiple passing storm cells. The Tempest app was hammering me with Lightning detected push notifications for my station, yet not one evt_strike packet has been captured during these storm cells. I do have a pcap file and screen shot of the Tempest app push notifications to prove I actually had lightning activity.

I get all the other message types captured as expected.

Here is a dump from one event that I captured when I first installed the Tempest. (not raw data, but parsed from the packet)

********************* evt_strike Lightning Strike Event
Time Epoch=1593724576 serial number=ST-00014701 Distance=20 Energy=33556688

This is a current rapid_wind capture showing the serial numbers of the station and indicates I’m getting the other events just fine.


device fw is: 134
hub fw is: 143

Can someone run a Wireshark capture during your next lightning storm and see if you get any evt_strike messages? I use this capture filter to grab just the Tempest data: udp and port 50222


Not seeing ANY UDP evt_strike data packets from either my Tempest or AIR, both on independent HUBs.

Me too. My Tempest seems to not be sending any lightning strike events either.

i don’t capture udp in general but using a small app on my phone I just did. I didn’t get any strike events from tempest but did get some from my air.
That hub has firmware 143