Two Tempest Stations

Hey guys, I have a question about having to Tempest stations connected to my app. Actually, a couple questions. I use IFTTT to get alerts when the wind is over a certain level. Currently it looks like I can only create one alert within IFTTT for wind, connected to one of my two Tempest units. If I try to create another wind alert, it shows the current one already existing and attached to my first Tempest unit, and I can’t figure out how to create a second alert.

Also, along the same lines, if you scroll all the way left on your iPhone to the “shortcuts” page, you can display widgets for different data coming from Tempest (wind, rain, etc). But it only displays whichever Tempest station you currently have selected in the tempest app. Is there a way to display, say, wind values from both Tempest stations at once?

Just curious on these guys. Thanks a lot!