Transmitter antenna direction in Air unit

It’s the question to @WFmarketing
The Sky and Air are located ~150 meters away and up on a hill from the Hub which is inside the building. To play with the lightning detection performance, I’ve rotated the Air by ~45 or more degrees around its vertical axis. By doing this, the signal dropped by 25 or more dBms and was disconnected from the Hub most of the time.
If not a secret, could you advise the transmitter antenna diagram? Same for the Sky perhaps? I’ve noticed the signal drop by ~10 dBms after connecting the solar panel (Hub is down the hill North from the Sky).
Thank you.


I would like to know this as well

Good question @petercek The antenna in all devices (AIR, SKY, HUB) is mounted vertically away from the PCB with no deliberate directional bias – see pic of AIR for example. We have not set up a lab experiment to characterize the antenna radiation pattern at the device level. The battery compartment in the AIR could have some effect (??) Let us know what you find out.