Totally New. No Idea How to Create API Key

I am definitely not a developer, but I would really like to use my new Tempest Weather Station with a 3rd party app on the Linux Mint I’m running.

I read through the documentation, I selected WeatherFlow Pi Console to try out. I followed the instructions to install, and I’m having trouble with the API key.

I was able to get into my dashboard and generate a personal token to enter into the console in terminal. Next, it asks for the API key. This is where I’m stuck.

I don’t know how to generate an API key. Anything I try (I’m certain it’s not an API key) it just tells me it is unauthorized.

I hope this doesn’t annoy the group, but I hope someone can help.


Hi and welcome to our community

API means : application programming interface
token is the part you use to identify yourself when you use the API and call something from the ‘server’. Some just use API instead token. Misleading I agree.

So for wfpiconsole use the token you created in the Tempest settings part (it is 5 groups long)

the “api key” is from top of my head one you can generate with checkwx

it is mentioned in this part of the install page

A Personal Access Token can be generated, viewed, and deleted here: Tempest Settings, and a CheckWX API key can be obtained by registering for a free account here: Create your account | CheckWX Aviation Weather API

Hope this solves your question. Else let us know and we’ll do better :grinning:


Thank you so much. That helped me get it running! I appreciate your quick help.

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