Top popped off Tempest sensor. How to get it back on?

Wind blew something into the sensor and it fell off hitting the ground and popping off the top. Haptic rain sensor ribbon disconnected.

See pics as attached.

Two questions:

  1. How to reconnect the flat ribbon? Is the white piece on the main sensor (circled in red) a clip that pivots up to get the ribbon back in, or do I need to try to thread the ribbon in underneath? Just want to make sure I don’t try to fiddle with the white piece if it isn’t meant to be moved (seems brittle).

  2. How does the top itself pop back in place? There doesn’t seem to be a catch or lock or anything else to get it flush, not to mention any indication as to what orientation around 360 degrees I’m supposed to be trying to get it back on.

For the ribbon, you can look at the others to see what orientation (I think circuit up)
The white part is fixed, but on both side you’ll see like little black squares, that is the locking mechanism. You have to pull it out gently (tweezers?), then push the ribbon in the white part and then push the black part back in to lock it. Maybe clean the grease out to prevent a bad contact. Once finished you can eventually put some back against humidity corrosion.

The top is just ‘glued’ on the rest via the black cushioned tape. Mostly if still in good shape, push it gently back in place (no twisting). I should stick on the rest and make it all tight. It is also this tape that dampens the vibrations to the dome and haptic sensor. If that is ‘dead’ you can open a ticket with support to get a new top (won’t be warranty) but it isn’t expensive neither.

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