Top display in Fahrenheit, bottom in Celsius

Looking at my display (grid mode), it shows my top numbers in Fahrenheit, which I want, and the daily 3 1/2 days are showing in Celsius. If I scroll and click the Weather Underground image, it shows in Fahreheit.

There are no links on the display, nor on the details display page to settings nor to this forum or other “help”.

I’d also suggest adding some links to those pages.


Interesting. What is your physical location? Could it be the Weather Underground is displaying Celsius because of a country default?

Sorry. Station ID 3404, FW 47. USA, Minnesota, Mounds View. Using Chrome browser, and I always have a separate tab open to Weather Underground, but am not logged in.

I just registered the station on the public Weatherflow map. When I looked at my station and then clicked the link, it now is showing both top and bottom in Fahrenheit.

I did a refresh on my other browser tab, and it also changed to “F”. Did you fix something, or did my registering the station on the public map do something?

That’s weird. Logging in must have changed it. I’ve not see that issue before. But then, I quit using Weather Underground.

And, now it’s back to showing Celsius on the bottom.

Then, I refreshed the browser page 3 times and it switched to Fahrenheit again.

Now, I’ve refreshed many times and it’s staying in “F”

Sometimes using the actual Weather Underground links, the page will give errors (on their site), and then a refresh will work.

Is it possible that the default on my web page for the bottom strip is “C”, and if there happens to be an error from the WU site in that moment, that the display shows in C?

Also, I want to note that one refresh didn’t show that bottom strip at all. It was missing. I didn’t take a screen shot unfortunately.

I’d also like to note that after registering, it’s always showing the station data as “Inactive”.


The Map I just fixed. But it’s not related to Weather Unerground.

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could be a browser cookie issue (and cache issue)

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I have the same issue and I’ve asked the the weatherflow team from two months ago and they told me to refresh the page and that will resolve the problem in the meantime. so I think they will fix this issue in the near future.

I briefly encountered this problem recently, too. Browser refresh seemed to correct it.

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your screenshot look at the dates probably if the year was visible it would be 1970 … basically the weather underground API is knackered and has been for many many months it basically returns at times nothing valid then sometimes it returns a valid forecast or data. basically weather underground API is exhaustively overloaded .

weather underground is on meltdown…


I’m keeping an eye out for this issue. I suspect it is an issue with the WU API response, but if I can catch it when it is happening I can confirm for sure.