Too many updates for graph

Not a real bug, but could use a bit of performance enhancement. I was wondering why I got so many zero winds, so I put my sky unit out of power save mode. Sure enough the live display on the web updates the wind more often. That is great for the panel with the numbers, but for the graph it isn’t really needed. Yet it updates the graph more often (displaying the same graph over and over again, until the next minute arrives)
(its for all the graphs, not only sky)

Hi @sunny,

On the website, when zoomed all the way in, the graph updates whenever an observation is received over web socket (which is about every minute). The wind graph does not plot the rapid wind observations that are seen in circle on the card view.

Adjusting the power save mode on your SKY should not change how often your graph updates. If you are noticing a different behavior let me know and we can take a look.

we are talking about the graph. It definitely was updating much faster, but today I cannot reproduce it. When it happens again I’ll make a movie for you.

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