Too many decimal places in Rain accumulation

So lux reports in whole numbers, solar radiation in whole number, air density to 2 decimal places.
I have a hard time with the rain accumulation at 4 significant digits, 1/10,000 th of a mm?
Small thing I realise, hoping you can add it into a bug fix at some stage and go for something more realistic.

Hardware revision 1
Firmware revision 134

I don’t understand your question.

What is the real accuracy of the rain sensor? Displaying rain accumulation eg 4.4666mm implies you are measuring at more than 1/10000th of a mm of rain.
If it’s a calculation, you still need to display a realistic figure otherwise it is misleading.

Have you thought about the volume of a single rain drop? The Tempest has to add up all of those volumes. If it didn’t have that level of precision it would perpetually read zero because the volume is beyond one or two decimal places.

That being said, if you don’t like to see that many decimal places view your station info on the Web interface or look at the card/grid view.

if it does display something like 4.4666mm somewhere in the app, make a snapshot. It shouldn’t display the accumulated rain like that.

This is what @knowhowe is talking about. It is in inches but shows the same thing.

Now, look at the card/grid view.

In my opinion it should stay as it is. It should be left up to the user to round to the appropriate digit when using the data somewhere.

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It has rained here constantly for 3 days. The tempest device doesn’t record most of it because it’s below the haptic recording threshold.
You can see from the stations around me how much is missed.
So from my perspective, suggesting such high accuracy is misleading.
It may measure a raindrop but only if it’s a large one.

the rounding of the amount will be fixed in the next release. Of course that doesn’t change the fact that your unit might need some calibration.
the unit doesn’t record very very light steady rain. It looks like today you got plenty of rain.
( assuming this is yours: Tempest )

Thanks for the information update.
I did read in the forum that Tempest were considering adding an additional sensor to pick up accumulation from steady light rain and/or mist.
That would great.