Tighten Scale of graph of barometric pressure

Graph of barometric pressure is always a straight line, it’s too wide. I’ve never observed 31 inches. At least the option for a tighter scale would enable one to see graphically how the pressure is rising or falling. Thank you!

the vertical scale changes automatically, depending on the data visible. You might check that by zooming in and out. But the scale uses all the data in the zoom range, so you need to scroll left and right to check out the max and min values in that range.
If you still think it isn’t working, what is your station id, so others can have a look.

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This was just a feature request, a tighter range so the trend is more visible.

I know but on my app it as already pretty tight. just scroll to the left and right to check for the max and min values.
My current value is 1006.7 hPa, the minimum measured at the highest zoom level is 1005.9, the max is 1014.4 and the graph axis are labeled from 1006 to 1014. So it is really tight.

feature requests are always good. It is an indication of something that might be not optimal (at least for some users). So keep 'm coming.
Even though I just mentioned that the graph scale is already as tight as it can be, a better graphing system might help. One where the scale is based on the part that is in view, but also allow for arbitrary horizontal/vertical scaling.

Thanks Sunny my range is quite a bid wider: from 29.2 to 30.6 in Hg, and I’m at max zoom ( plus button is greyed out). I’ve had the unit about a month and it’s never approached 29.2. On the dates displayed its ranged 29.6 to 30. Station ID is 28332.

Compared to the wind speed graph, for example, which displays the gusts etc very well, the pressure graph, even in a big storm where it’s falling fast, displays as a straight line,(at least for me) so is not very informative.

hmm I guess your data isn’t public (or there is something else going on, as the page Tempest is just blue, with no data) that’s fine, but it means I can’t have a look. Sorry.

Thanks, it should be public


(you had a typo in your station id)
hmm, that’s looking different than expected. Have a look at mine and see what I mean Tempest

Looks like a possible bug. perhaps something to do with the units. What happens if you temporarily switch to hPa as a unit?

Looks like a vertical axis scale bug when in inHg. As I toggle my settings to hPa, it scales fine.

indeed is seems a bug. I just tried it myself. Scaling works fine in all units accept inHg. Let’s tag @corrineb , she might be able to help.

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@jflorencejr Thanks for the report and @sunny and @SLOman thanks for digging into the details. Are you noticing this issue only on the web or are the iOS and Android apps also showing the same issue?

my android version works fine in both hPa and inHg.

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Issue on web and iOS, but looks ok on android (fire 8).

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