Thinking of getting Tempest - can I add existing Air to that system?

I’m thinking of getting Tempest but don’t want to waste the Air module I already have with the older system. Can I add Air and put it as an indoor module?

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Short answer… YES!

Long answer… YES! The Tempest Hub is backward compatible with the SKY and AIR.


I added my old air to my new tempest system. Works like a charm for indoor measurement.


short answer mostly. Long answer is a quote from dsj

“Yes, US AIR & SKY units can be paired to Tempest Hubs, and vice-versa. The radio configurations are compatible. Because Australia changed their rules around radio certification since we shipping the original SWS (AIR & SKY), the Tempest and SWS devices in Australia and New Zealand are not compatible. And because of an error made during the manufacture of the EU SWS (AIR & SKY), they are also not compatible. But we are working on a software work-around”
I assume the software workaround is to use an old hub for the air, new hub for the tempest, but merge the results as if it was one station.


Thanks! I have a US AIR and SKY so that should work just fine.

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