The "tech gurus" at your service!

Dear WeatherFlow Smart Weather community members,

Many of you have technical questions (some simple, some less) and you come to this forum for help. While this forum is NOT meant to provide official support from WeatherFlow (although the staff does hop in very often to help and share solutions), this doesn’t mean other members can’t help you.

This forum is all about users helping users… in all sorts of ways. To help with that, we have created a new “Technical Gurus” group that you can ‘call’ via the @tech-gurus tag. Someone in the group will most probably help you if possible. But please remember these members are just users and owners, like you. We can only help with knowledge and access we have. We do not work for WeatherFlow, nor do we have access to any secret information.

We hope this new group will be able to assist you in getting the best results possible and enjoy the weather data.

For official help your best option is to send an email to or to open a ticket.