Thanks for the better_forecast API

Weatherflow, thanks for the better_forecast API!

I had reason to use it this weekend – rain was likely, and I wanted to know how much to expect (our yard is torn up, with much loose soil that could easily wash away if we got a lot of rain). My old forecast sources, the hometown newspaper’s website & the local TV station’s weather app, told me how likely it was that rain would fall, but not how much was expected. As usual.

Enter better_forecast! A bit of time hacking a shell script to grab the JSON, process the forecast.hourly array, and not only did I have the info I needed about the weekend rain, but I now also have a task emailing me each morning if there’s a significant chance of rain in the next few days, and that email that contains both probability and accumulation predictions – hourly for today, and daily for the next few. :slight_smile:


Sounds nice, well done! And how did the actual forecast compare to your actual rainfall?
Cheers Ian

Thanks. It’s hard to say. The forecast was .13 inches and we saw .24 inches, so just a few mm off, which I found encouraging, certainly adequate for my needs. I’m planning to analyze forecast vs Tempest haptic vs corrected daily rain after a few weeks, when I have more data.