Tempest wind speed too low

I have had a Tempest (had Air+Sky before) and have mostly loved it, except I keep feeling the wind speeds are a bit too low.

Here’s what my Tempest shows now:

Meanwhile, Windy.com shows the Chicago area having much higher winds:

Lastly, my Tempest is installed on my rooftop which is the 5th floor of a condo building in Chicago.
There are no obvious obstructions around. If anything, I’d expect that I’d have higher than expected wind measurements, not the reverse.

Any ideas? Is there a firmware update that needs to be pushed?
My station ID is 28445 if anyone at Weatherflow wants to take a look.

Thanks in advance!

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wind is tricky and many small things can influence. The wooden beam can cause upward wind blocking normal flow for ex (not saying it is) etc

Open a ticket with support, they’ll have a look at raw data.