Tempest Wind Sensor Failed

Just noticed that I am getting a wind sensor failed. It is still providing wind data, but looks like garbage to me. Currently it is showing 12 mph and trees look dead calm.

Should I open a ticket?


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I had the same problem recently and support checked and all looked OK. There is an issue where under certain conditions you can get a false Wind Failed alert they are working on. Having said that, my Tempest has started showing 0 wind for hours at a time since then. It was determined my device needed to be replaced and the replacement should arrive on Monday. It also had other issues so it wasn’t replaced for the failed wind status alone.

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Thanks for the information. My biggest issue is that the wind that is currently being sent is clearly wrong. It is the hottest day of the year here and this might have something to do with it.

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Wind sensors are a problem for me.

Just installed my replacement Tempest yesterday. Wind was working but this morning stopped showing wind values (other sensors seem ok).

My comparison is Sky just a couple feet away. There should be values showing on Tempest.

So… Tempest #2… I reset / re-added it a few times (I know, I know… not good to reset it), turned power off, unplugged my hub…nothing brings back wind values… I’m perplexed that this is my second Tempest that’s failing for wind. (First one showed wind values inside a sealed closet).

Will let it go for the rest of the day to see if it resuscitates.

Dan I’m sorry to see the second one is as nasty

Just played a bit with it my side but it is just not responding as it should. Just had a tchat with a technician and he is like me puzzled.
Can you please re open the ticket, CS will once more help you out

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Merci encore Eric. Yeah, not been having the best of luck with Tempest.

On a good note, Support has been excellent to replace my Sky and Air recently, which both failed but only after hard work through cold winters :slight_smile: Both new units appears to be working fine.

Will open ticket as advised. Thanks again Eric for helping problem-solve with us all again.

Done. I’ll just watch the pattern of wind spikes until Support is able to get to my ticket.

Maybe the spikes will start forming into an art design when there’s a whole day of them. :slight_smile:

I think my wind sensor failure is heat related and being in Texas that isn’t a good thing. It seems to be failing when get get about 100 F and then later in the evening as the sun drops and the temp drops a little it seems to start working again.

A little bit annoying on a new station.

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Might be, although I’m in Northern Ontario and temps have been around 60-75 F only (since I got my replacement Tempest yesterday). It failed this morning when it was cool The first Tempest failed in hotter temps but not as UV intense as yours at this time of year.

Not sure what to make of wind sensor failures… Could be as much a software problem as it is related to hardware ?

Yes for a Support ticket. I sent one in earlier too.

My wind values look like this since last full reset this morn. Most values track at 0. The peaks are false.

I think that is probably a pretty good assumption. I don’t remember seeing any on previous firmware. The way it flips from good to bad to good seems more like software interpreting the status.

If really hardware failing I would expect to see the failures increase in duration.

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That definitely looks worse than mine. With mine if I was standing outside when the station said gusting to 14, I would have thought the wind status sensor failure was just a false reading.

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Interesting. Hope WF engineers can problem-solve this.

I will say that WF support has been exceptional through all this.


WF sending out a replacement unit. Great job by the support team.


Same this morning for ST-2827; “Wind Failed”; wind direction inconsistent; speed way toooo high for calm to light and variable wind of ≤ 2 mph. Support Request submitted at 10:43am CDT.

Response back was "Your request has been sent and WeatherFlow’s support staff will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

For Tempest System and Smart Weather Station inquiries…

We are experiencing a very high volume of requests. We do appreciate your patience with the delays of our replies."

I submitted mine in the afternoon on the 29th. So the entire process only took a couple days.

I am in the same bucket also. Just got wind sensor fail? Hopefully its just a software issue.

The wind on my Tempest device was Perfect before the “Wind Failed”. . .but after it snapped out of that, the direction is now +30 degrees off from what my Tempest Field Test device is showing. . .and both Tempests are only 2.5 feet apart so data coming from them Should Be nearly identical.

I submitted a support request. . .but since WF is overwhelmed with numerous other such requests. . .it will be a while before I hear back from them on it.

Keep an eye on your Tempest. Check that “Sensor Status” line several times a day. An easy tip-off that the wind sensor has failed is on the blue card. . .you will notice dashes ( – – – – ) instead of digits for the speed or letters for cardinal direction (e.g. NNW).

Also look to see if the winds (speed and/or direction) are consistent. If not, you too, may have to submit a support request. Link to submit it is at the upper right-hand corner of this page.

please keep an eye on it to see if it sticks to being 30 degree off (might depend on the actual wind direction)