Tempest Wind Direction is totally different from Aercus

I have been using Aercus or ObserverIP weather sensors for years; and I just got my Tempest installed last month. Having been comparing both equipment readings for a while and while the temperature, humidity, pressure, etc… are more or less in line with each other, the wind directions are totally in different directions; or, say, in opposite direction. I’m sure both equipment are facing north as per installation guide (see the photo attached). My location is Bangkok, Thailand (latitude 13.xx north). I run two separate Weewx software, on two separate servers, to capture the data. Is it possible that Tempest wind direction sensor is 180 degree wrong?

Is the Blue North Arrow on the North side?

I just answered you on your FB post.

Yes, the arrow was definitely oriented to the north side.

okay. Thanks. To prove it, I may use my usb fan to blow it manually.

Sounds like a good idea.

BTW, I enjoyed my brief stay in Thailand on my way home from graduating from high school in Singapore. Maybe someday I can go back for a visit.

You are welcome, off course, after the Covid things :slight_smile:


Check and ensure the Wind Direction Offset is at 0.

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Yes, it is at 0…

I am out of ideas. Contact support@weatherflow.com and reference this topic.

Then after your test with the fan I would adjust the offset to make it right. If it is 180 degrees off it most likely is an assembly issue since that has happened in the past. That maybe what support tells you to do.

I have gotten the impression that there may be only one hemisphere version of the Tempest and those in the southern hemisphere face the blue mark to the south and use the wind offset. Somewhere I remember reading that the initial offset may be automatically put in place based on the GPS position of the station.

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