Tempest will not pair with the hub

I just received my Tempest and have been trying to set it up today. I am a electronics design and development engineer ans am technical enough to know what is happening. The hub sets up fine and is logged onto the wifi. The hub also communicated perfectly with my Iphone SE 2nd edition. The issue is the hub will not pair with the tempest. I have reset the hub and the tempest using the 10sec press on the Tempest and also reset the hub to default. It appears that the Tempest is either not recieving the bluetooth from the hub or it is not transmitting actual RF for the hub to see it. I have tried next to the hub and stepped distance away from the hub. I have also placed the tempest out in the sun for 4 hrs to make sure there is a full charge in the unit. I read on one of these forums about some sort of OTA firmware update for the hub. I am in Australia and it was sent to me with the correct power supply and I would summize that all the correct frequencies for the RF ops would be correct. I have placed a support ticket but as yet have not heard anything. Does anyone know any more about this issue please?

There have been some hubs which were accidentally sent out with the NA frequency programmed in. WF support will have to push the proper setup to the hub and it should then match the Tempest.

Thanks gizmoev…hopefully that wont take very long…I am only up here at my farm for another day and a bit then its the 300km drive back…That seems to be what the issue will be…everything else works perfect. Mine would have been prepared maybe 1 to 2 months ago as Australia were one of the last to get theirs sent

IIRC, there have been a couple in AU and maybe NZ which had to be reprogrammed by WF. At least it is a software fix and not a hardware one.

I’m curious on your comments. I had to get a replacement for my Tempest the original was received in August, the replacement in December and was told the following.

“I checked with our software engineer and he mentioned he’s unable to update your Hub to the AU frequency. The firmware of the actual radio inside is too old for him to upgrade it. With that being said, we can still send a US Tempest so it can pair with your Hub.”

I read on another closed thread that it was done OTA to this particular guys one…it must be in the hub the issue that it is

I remember reading that there has been some frequency regulation changes in some countries since the first generation hubs were sent out and possibly some later ones too. I don’t know the details of those. It came about when I had pointed out that the Tempest can pair with the hub that the SKY+AIR originally came with and that the SKY and AIR can pair with a Tempest hub. Someone wasn’t able to do so due to a regulation change in their country in the interim.

The updates I’m talking about are really recent, within the last month or so. I’ve seen posts here in the forum, both by WF staff and end users who have had their hubs updated and also in the Facebook group who have had WF push an update to correct the frequency being set wrong for their country and the Tempest they received.

Yes, the current hubs can be programmed for the target country’s requirements but that also means it could be sent out with the wrong programming as the hardware looks the same. That is how WF could just have the user leave the hub connected to the internet and WF can push the update to it.

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To my knowledge certainly in Australia there has been no recent change to frequency allocations here at all. I ran a radio comms company for 30 years in sales and service and I still am all over the ACMA allocations and on the mailing list. Hopefully it is just a OTA…I have left the hub connected and online so hopefully they will push something to me

Your hub is on the wrong frequency, I have pinged support and hopefully a technician can do it this week end.

I’ll keep you posted.

Excellent thanks a lot…hopefully they can do it while I am still here at my farm as this is where it will be installed permanently

You should be able to find my account but do you need the serial number of the hub?

no, I found all I need, and Weatherflow with this info can trace your full setup :slight_smile:

Thats great …thanks a lot for your help

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Here is where I read about the frequency changes:

Just to Verify what has been said previously. WF has shipped some Tempests weather station Hubs with the wrong frequencies programmed. Altho rare, it has happened, but the correction is done OTA once it is identified as the problem.

Well I have a new Tempest and hub supplied and I am in Australia. It only arrived earlier this week…are you able to remotely do OTA for sort the issue?

My Tempest will not talk to the hub

I really understand your desire to have this resolved immediately. Remember that WF is in Florida and it is still the weekend. As @eric said, WF will check out your station. There is nothing he or any of us non-employees can do further.

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Can you try now to link the tempest to the hub ? It should work now. Let us know if ok.

I will be back home about 2 hrs time as I am out doing some work. I bought the hub and Temepest back to my normal house yesterday and put it online in case someone got to it. Thanks I will let you know