Tempest Went Offline - Remote Restart?

A few hours ago, I received a push notification that my Tempest had gone offline. It’s been working flawlessly for over 22 days, so it’s probably the infamous gremlin I’ve seen mentioned lately which will get fixed (hopefully) when the new firmware update is released. The hub currently shows “online“ and the light is blue, but the Tempest is still showing a status of “offline” in the app.

Before I go and do something that permanently deletes the historical data it has gathered until now, can someone please do a remote restart, as I’ve read can be done? If this is not the correct procedure, please point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

With a Tempest offline, no way to send a reboot request. The command will never reach it.

Sorry but there is no alternative right now to go reboot it manually/repaire it as needed :neutral_face:

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Eric, that’s cool. I’ll go out there now, take it down and cycle the on/off switch. Is there anything else I need to do or, more importantly, not do? :blush:

Is there any insight into this issue yet?

I believe the gremlin has been identified and the next firmware update will resolve this issue. These types of things are to be expected this early on in the game. Support has been excellent, so it’ll all be okay in the end. :+1:t2:


Yes, there is a firmware fix on the way. It just needs some more testing before it is released.


If the Tempest power cycle doesn’t fix it then just hold the LED button down until it starts to blink and then go into the App and Replace Device. Most likely the Tempest will then see that it is already paired to that hub and just start working.


I agree on the strong support.
This forum is terrific!

thanks for the kind words, we do what we can with the tools we have (ok I have a few more admitted) but there is a line we can’t cross, that’s where regular support takes over and they are as nice as we are, just completely swamped though they hired more people … doubling a network in less than 2 weeks is a real challenge and I can assure you, everyone is on deck to get it as smooth as possible hour after hour.

And coming weeks it is supposed to double again … hopefully lessons learned for us all and be better prepared :slight_smile:

Also a big thanks to you all for your patience and support during this bumpy ride but I assure you, in a few weeks we’ll all enjoy our weather reports. :blush:
And keep the bugs coming in, they are noted and will be addressed in due time.


Thanks for the explanation! I tried cycling the on/off switch, but that didn’t work. I then held the LED button and this worked, but I ended up having to do this procedure twice. It came up okay the first time, but then I was greeted by the message on the attached screenshot. On the second try, I received the same message, but I was somehow able to bypass it. It’s back online now, so all is well. If you need a guinea pig for the new firmware beta, please let me know.

Thanks again to both @gizmoev and @eric for the support! It is greatly appreciated! :facepunch:t2: