Tempest went offline during smoke haze in Washington (from fires)... has not recovered

Worked fairly consistently and well, then we had the smoke and haze in Washington state from all of the fires. (In fact many days, the sunlight was so low that it looked like twilight at high noon.)

After the third day the unit just stopped responding. I figured once the air clears and the sun comes out, all will come back… but nope, 2 weeks later and still no data. Unmounted Tempest, and tried pushing and holding the clear button but no response. Placing the unit in direct sunlight all day… still no joy.
Little worried that it is now a dud.

Not to sure what you did or happened but there is no Tempest linked to your hub. Hence no history to look at.

I’m afraid you’ll have to go over the add Tempest to hub procedure.

I mistakenly tried to delete and re-add the tempest. (this was before I saw this forum and I message that said “DO NOT DELETE YOUR DEVICE.”)

Today I have to drive for a bit of work, I am taking my tempest with me and leaving it in my vehicle with the solar panels facing out the windshield. They should get AMPLE sunlight… here’s to hoping that the system recovers.

Just make sure you leave the Tempest powered on… it does NOT charge when turned off.


Well the tempest had GREAT sunlight today again for 8 + hours. I parked purposefully in the sunny areas while traveling today, and I did ensure that it was in the On position. The unit is STILL not responding, pushing the clear button on the button does nothing and I get no feedback from the device. Any ideas of what to do next? I think I have a bad unit.

I think it has a bad charging circuit. It’s time for support to step in and replace.


I feel the delete data button should have some protection saying something like “If you have a problem with your Tempest, we advise you to not do this and open a support ticket instead”. Ive seen heaps in the forum that have done this and then support have no idea what went wrong.

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