Tempest websocket discrepancy?

We got some much-needed rain here in California, but I’m seeing a discrepancy in the reported rain via the tempest app, versus the websocket API.

Tempest app says 0.10in:

But the websocket API says 1.517626(mm) or 0.05in:

Event Handler received: {"status":{"status_code":0,"status_message":"SUCCESS"},"device_id":163515,"type":"obs_st","source":"cache","summary":{"pressure_trend":"steady","strike_count_1h":0,"strike_count_3h":0,"precip_total_1h":0.809685,"strike_last_dist":16,"strike_last_epoch":1640456972,"precip_accum_local_yesterday":0,"precip_accum_local_yesterday_final":0,"precip_analysis_type_yesterday":0,"feels_like":8.8,"heat_index":8.8,"wind_chill":8.8,"raining_minutes":[5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5],"dew_point":8,"wet_bulb_temperature":8.4,"air_density":1.1603,"delta_t":0.4,"precip_minutes_local_day":104,"precip_minutes_local_yesterday":0},"obs":[[1646364177,0,0,0,0,6,939.1,8.8,95,0,0,0,0.013054,1,0,0,2.41,1,1.517626,0.013054,2.957092,0]]}

Why the discrepancy?


This is likely the answer to your question:
That is the NearCast icon. You can read about it here: https://help.weatherflow.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024436634-NC-Rain-NearCast-Rain-
To toggle the setting go to Settings, Stations, station name, Manage Devices, select the device, Advanced. There you will see Show NC Rain.

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As @gizmoev said, the Tempest app is showing the NearCast rain accumulation, while the 1.517626 mm you get from the Websocket (index 18) is the non NearCast corrected value. However, the NearCast corrected value is also sent in the Websocket response, it is just in index 20 (2.957092 mm)

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Ah - ok. I see. So I’m ok with using index 20 (NC rain today) instead - I should have seen that in the payload…actually, I did when I first did this, but I’m having trouble then finding yesterday’s NC total to match.

It’s not in the obs_st, so I’m currently pulling summary.precip_accum_local_yesterday.[0] - from the outer json, but this becomes nonsensical when today moves to yesterday as local_yesterday isn’t an NC number.

So as of now, I’m using index 18 plus the above so that today and yesterday are aligned over time - but doesn’t match what’s displayed in the app.

Any pointers?

I think precip_accum_local_yesterday_final in the summary object is an NC total. So if you use that along with index 20, it should be consistent.

Or, if your app/script runs continuously, just manually keep track of today/yesterday. At midnight copy the NC corrected rain value from ‘today’ to ‘yesterday’.

Ok - that got it…


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