Tempest web app redesign to align with BtstWX feel

Yes, I can just install BTSTwx and have, while a good app but being free and a passion project the support and updates are not a priority.

It would be great if Weatherflow could redesign thier app to actually emulate a true landscape based graphical weather station display rather than the portrait orientation one currently in place.

Even better if it could be customized infinitely by the end user in the settings.

Seriously, We pay $300+ for a weather station, another $80+ for the display/accessories to make our own displays. Give us an app we can use.


I appreciate that you use… and like, btsWx. It is always good to hear.

Yes, btstWx is a ‘pet project’ of mine… but it’s building into a bigger better weather product. It IS getting updated, and will have more features along with the options you suggest… greater flexibility for the end user.

Stay in the btstWx family… it WILL be worth it.


Your app was one of the reasons I went with the Tempest. Coming from the Davis family of weather stations I was not pleased with the fact that Weatherflow lacked a stand-alone display. The looks of BTST and the ease of converting a fire tablet to display use made it worth it.

I’m happy to hear more is coming with BTSTWX. I am a strong believer if I get value from an app for long term use I will pay for the pro version.

Just some suggestions.

-Real basic compass in the black and Red. It looks cool but is hard to read, especially with the faux glare on the top left.

  • The loading flag…just make the space blank. I cant use the larger screen as the white flag space is too distracting. Another option is display space weather, tides, or a weather option of our choosing like USGS river levels in that spot.

Anyways I do appreciate your work on the app.