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Hello, I use a multiple monitor setup and I like having a fulltime view of my Tempest station data on one monitor. The wind always seems to update in real time but the temperature will get “stuck” and not update for hours unless I refresh. When I check the phone app, the temperature is updating perfectly.

Are there any suggestions as to why this is happening? I could use an extension or some small app to regularly refresh the page, but parts of it are “real time” while the temperature really lags behind.

Just FYI, I have the Tempest data sent to Weather Underground and the temperature doesn’t get stuck there. It’s only on the Tempest site. This happens on a Mac with Safari as well as a Windows computer.

Thanks much.


I wrote this tiny HTML program which shows both Tempest screens on my monitor (or tablet), and refreshes hourly. You would need to put in your station number where the “x’s” are. If you want to change the refresh rate, it’s in the META tag at top, in seconds. You can then save the file on your computer and just call it up in any browser.

<TD><IFRAME SRC="https://tempestwx.com/station/xxxxx/" HEIGHT=1000 WIDTH=750></IFRAME></TD>
<TD><IFRAME SRC="https://tempestwx.com/station/xxxxx/grid" HEIGHT=1000 WIDTH=750></IFRAME></TD>
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Thanks so very much for writing and sharing this. I can certainly use this. I look forward to trying it.

My 91 year old mother is totally bed ridden but loves the weather, so I set up a laptop near her bed to see the Tempest data. She loves seeing the temperature, wind, and lightning. She can’t refresh a computer screen on her own, therefore it has to be automatic.

I also like a dedicated monitor, or portion thereof, showing the Tempest data on a desktop computer.

Thanks again so very much.


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