Tempest Weather App : what changes would you propose?

Already many reactions and some are starting to propose enhancements, ideas for eventual future versions. Trying to keep things a little ordered, please use this topic. It’ll make it easier for Tempest staff. Remember that not everything is possible but everything will be considered.

Thanks for your pro active ideas


Here is some early feedback:

  1. Allow selection of which device applies to the various features in the app. I have a number of Sky and Airs with working/broken features, and one working Air indoors. The data shown in the on-going notification is from my indoor Air, so isn’t much use! The main weather details on the forecast page appears to be coming from my broken Sky. It would be really handy to be able to flag a device as “Primary” so that the app uses those devices specifically for reports/forecasts, and ignores the others.

  2. Weather widgets - would be really nice to have some widgets available!

  3. Option to select the initial screen - the new forecast, or the old values list.

  4. Some additional alerts/notifications - using the forecast, have an alert for rain in the next hour, not just when it starts.

Just a few initial thoughts - otherwise its looking great, well done guys :slight_smile:

@eric wasn’t sure if the above should be in a separate thread/feature requests - maybe a new Category for the App and/or tags if the app is going to be actively developed and built upon going forward. Please move appropriately if desired :+1:


Overall, I am liking the app. Having access to radar, past and future, would be really awesome. Also having notification or rain starting in an hour, 30 minutes and 10 minutes would be great. overlays on the weather map to include isobars, satellite images, and graphic frontal boundaries would be next on my wish list.

Thanks for allowing me to test and see the app.
Well done!


:arrow_double_up: I would second having this option added to the app.

Also, I would like to see the single decimal place returned for at least temperature in the new forecast/current conditions screen (and preferably wind speed). I don’t think it conflicts with WeatherFlow’s desire to keep the app simple and targeted towards home users. Nearly all home weather stations I have owned have reported the temperature to 1 decimal place.

EDIT: It would also be nice to be able to jump to the graph view from the “More Current Conditions” screen by pressing on each variable


This would also improve the resolution for those using the Celsius temperature scale as it is a coarser scale compared to the Fahrenheit scale.


I see that the temperature has no decimal display. Will we still be able to see 78.3 degrees instead of just 78?

It is not typical for users to have more than one AIR/SKY or Tempest on the same station. Data shown comes from the “primary” device. Current solution is to contact customer support to request a primary device change. User capabilities for this will be supported in the apps soon.


Thanks for the info @WFstaff! I’ll drop support an email regarding the primary devices. I guess most people will only have one device, but there certainly are a lot of users on these forums with more than one, and likely will be when many of the old backers upgrade to Tempests, so nice to hear this is coming to the apps at some point :+1:

I know I should retire the faulty devices, but I can’t bring myself to switch them off while they are still producing some data :smiley:


I 2nd the request to move up multiple station integration in the software app. I just ordered the Beta Tempest offer so would like to install side by side on the same 40’ tower with my early 1 generation station.

I will request that the new station be the primary but again we should be able to use the older legacy station we purchase on the same app.

I have all three of my stations on the application.

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Hi Gary

I figure I’ll give it a try that way and see if it will connect to the current hub. But I think if I have to replace the hub it messes things up?

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I don’t replace the Hub. I just add a new Hub with new devices.

I’ll be adding a fourth Hub later today.

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I still want to get all of these valuable panels
back that are missing in the new app

In the old app they were accessed in the upper right hand corner but now that icon takes you to the new home page with forecast that I would never use for a forecast

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Okay, okay, okay. We understand. But please, it’s not necessary to keep posting the same complaint and same images. We get it that you are not happy.

Since you are so unhappy, I will personally buy your station at the price you paid.


What? Not ten hubs??? :rofl:


No. Hubs aren’t that easy to order for free.


On the new opening page of the Tempest app, which I like, I would like the ability in settings to display decimal for temperature and wind.


@GaryFunk I didn’t realize we could order just a hub. Is that possible? Didn’t see it on the site.

You can’t order just a Hub.

Some separation between the forecasts in the 10-day forecast section would be nice (alternating colors or something).

Are the 10-day forecasts the one created from my weather station?