Tempest Wall Mounted Neopixel Barometer

Morning all,

I thought perhaps this one needs its own thread (vs the Physical Things Discussion) - so I can answer any questions etc. Anyhow - we have released a Wall Mounted Neopixel Barometer with Trends and Conditions, powered by the Weather Flow API. Its made to be as simple as possible to make and also all files are provided to edit the 3d print, code etc. It’s part of the wider Open Gauges project.


Its been specially made for Weather Flow Tempest Owners so do let me know if you make one :slight_smile: or have any questions.

More are incoming btw…



Good and Bad…
I can’t believe I have never come across the Open Gauges site before.
The Good…those are nice physical gauges, just like this one.
The Bad…my wife will be upset with me make more gadgets.