Tempest voltage level versus power save mode

The Tempest uses several power save modes and those states will be activated by following the rules as stated bellow. This is a change versus the Sky where you had one you can activate via the application manually.

Power Modes

Mode 0

Voltage >= 2.455

Full power all sensors enabled

Mode 1

Voltage <= 2.415 or >= 2.41 from Mode 2

Rapid sample interval set to six seconds

Mode 2

Voltage <= 2.39 or >= 2.375 from Mode 3

Rapid sample interval set to one minute

Mode 3

Voltage <= 2.355

Rapid sample interval set to five minutes

Sensor sample interval set to five minutes

Lightning sensor disabled

Haptic sensor disabled


I don’t understand what this means. <= 2.415 or >= 2.41… That covers every single numbers. Is one of those > or < backwards?

no the numbers are correct

those are the trigger levels when it is discharging and the other charging. Levels aren’t the same to avoid ping pong charges.