Tempest voltage level versus power save mode

The Tempest uses several power save modes and those states will be activated by following the rules as stated bellow. This is a change versus the Sky where you had one you can activate via the application manually.

Power Modes

Mode 0

Voltage >= 2.455

Full power all sensors enabled

Mode 1

Voltage <= 2.415 or >= 2.41 from Mode 2

Rapid sample interval set to six seconds

Mode 2

Voltage <= 2.39 or >= 2.375 from Mode 3

Rapid sample interval set to one minute

Mode 3

Voltage <= 2.355

Rapid sample interval set to five minutes

Sensor sample interval set to five minutes

Lightning sensor disabled

Haptic sensor disabled


I don’t understand what this means. <= 2.415 or >= 2.41… That covers every single numbers. Is one of those > or < backwards?

no the numbers are correct

those are the trigger levels when it is discharging and the other charging. Levels aren’t the same to avoid ping pong charges.

Or, put another way, if the voltage is dropping and hits 2.415 volts it switches from Mode 0 to Mode 1, if it’s rising and climbs to 2.410 then it switches from Mode 2 to Mode 3.

They’re different levels so the system isn’t bouncing in and out of the mode as it transitions (Imagine a cloud passing by or a tiny fluctuation in the battery output causing it to jump modes every second).

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Would it be possible to include an option to receive alerts when the system switches between power-saving modes? Due to a (not unusual) run of very dull cloudy/rainy winter days here on the Scottish west coast, my Tempest has clearly dropped into the lowest level, where the haptic sensor is disabled, since it’s reporting zero rain today, on this moderately wet day. It would be nice if the system had alerted me to this shift in power-save level. (Note, this is not a grumble about the power system - I realise there’s a separate topic fir that!)

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Sunny opened a special voting topic, if you have votes left


then again, I hope many of the feature requests still will be implemented, just because they make sense, even though they lack a lot of votes.


Here are a couple of graphs where you can see the point when one of my Tempests went from Mode 3 to Mode 2.