Tempest voltage at 2.11

Surprisingly the voltage of my tempest went all the way down to 2.11V before shutting down after 45 days without direct sunlight. This is with my modified tempest with the Bigger Battery Booster. But I think this lower voltage is more likely due to some change in the firmware (it used to stop working at 2.32V). Unfortunately most of the time during this 45 day period the unit was in the highest power save mode, a.k.a. almost useless mode. I’ll measure it again, as one thing I learned is that there is a lot of variation in these measurements.
The tempest is now standing on my home-made charger, going strong :-), within an hour it went already back up to 2.33V

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Your 2.11v may be the All Time Lowest Battery Voltage ever attained from a Tempest device. That deserves Honorable Mention in the Tempest Record Book!


but my guess is that it is a firmware thing, which means all updated tempest might go this low.