Tempest Verses Sky On Weather Station Map

I noticed on the Station Map that all the stations have the same weather flow blue symbol. Just curious when looking at the Station maps is there a way to tell which ones are Tempest stations verses Sky stations.
I have the Tempest & my station is: https://tempestwx.com/station/34786

I don’t think it would be a good idea to use different colored markers on the map, it would be confusing, as the hub can handle many different devices. Some stations have both and some could perhaps only have an air unit.
Does it matter anyway? Why would you only want to see Sky units for example?
But if it would be useful, it could be implemented as a filter (select which type of units you want to see, and the map shows only those stations that have those)

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One way to check is if you are logged into your own WF account and you look at another station you can click on the image button at the bottom of the station’s page and look at the serial number of the sensors. Hubs start with HB-, SKYs start with SK-, AIRs start with AR-, and Tempests start with ST-. You can see this if you check out the status of one of my stations where I have a SKY, two AIRs, and a Tempest attached to one hub: https://tempestwx.com/settings/station/36119/status.

Note that if you are on the Map tab and click on a station you may have to tap the station name image to see that station’s main page. Some people don’t rename their devices so the Serial Number is used by default so you might be able to tell just from the card display screen. Note, however, that if a device is replaced that this serial number name is not automatically updated to match the new device. This shouldn’t be an issue because it is unlikely that a Tempest is replaced with a SKY or AIR.


Thanks for the insight & tutorial gizmoev. You learn something new every day,that’s what I love about this board! Like I said I was just curious to see how many Tempest are out there in my area of Tampa…which is quite a few!! :grin: