Tempest Ultrasonic Wind Sensor Wind Spike

Noticed a random wind spike of 25mph earlier today. Will note that all nearby reporting stations (Davis & USCRN) recorded PWGs of 9-14mphso far today. Curious to what’s up? Critters?

I got one of those yesterday - spike to 30 mph when no way that was true. See them occasionally.

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Wonder what causes them?

Assuming it’s not a glitch, it could be anything that changes the distance between the sonic transducers and the reflecting plate. Critters is probably most likely.


This is the first time so I’m assuming it’s the critters. There is a wasp that will fly near the station. Is there a way that @WFsupport can do to have the system to reject false wind spikes?

Define the parameters of a fslse wind spike.

I guess I would define it in this instance as a random spike in wind gusts but the overall pattern wouldn’t support it. I know that isn’t a good definite definition and that definition isn’t always true. But I could verify that this was a false wind gust due to reports from properly sited surrounding stations.

You also have to understand that the Tempest will detect micro wind bursts that a cup sensor can’t.

Gotcha. It could be just fine then. I don’t know. But the Tempest is high up in the air. It is a hilly area where the Tempest is located.

That would account for some micro bursts. I live at the base of the Rocky Mountains and see it quite often.


I see spikes after heavy rain. Seems water droplets are getting between the plates and impacting the sonic anemometer. As soon as water evaporates… wind speeds return to being accurate.